cBrain appointed to UK government G-Cloud 5 framework

The Crown Commercial Service in the UK has just finalized a public tender for a framework agreement called G-Cloud 5. cBrain has been appointed to the framework, which means that cBrain’s F2 product is now available as software-as-a-service through the UK Government Digital Marketplace, along with F2 implementation services and support.

Over 29,000 institutions, including all central Government departments, devolved administrations and local authorities in the UK are eligible to buy services on the Digital Marketplace. cBrain’s international growth plan is based on delivering the F2 product as a cloud service, and the appointment to the UK government G-Cloud framework agreement therefore represents an important international step for cBrain.

cBrain believes that cloud computing is becoming one of the most important technology trends for government organizations and that cloud computing will drive significant market changes. The UK G-cloud framework is very well designed for small and midsize companies (SMEs) who want to offer cloud services, and for a supplier based outside of the UK it is impressive to realise how SME-friendly and straightforward the UK procurement procedures work. The G-Cloud framework and the national Digital Marketplace  is therefore a highly motivating factor for cBrain to offers its services in the UK.

About the F2 product
Developed in close collaboration with a number of Danish Ministries, the F2 suite represents a new model and software for paperless public administration.

Today ten Danish Ministries use F2 including the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently rolling out F2 for 2,000 employees globally at 100 locations. With F2 Ministries and Agencies can eliminate the use of paper and digitize their work flow, including case processing, ministerial submissions and parliamentary correspondence, collaboration, knowledge sharing, document management, archiving and records management. Now everyone in the organisation, including the Permanent Secretary and the Minister, has instant access to all formal and as informal documents and information, with secure mobile access from iPad/tablets and smart phones.

The F2 model runs on a 100% standard platform which is very flexible and can be configured to support organisations without any programming, and F2 can therefore be offered as a cloud service.    Today, the Danish Agency for Governmental IT Services (part of the Ministry of Finance) offers F2 as a cloud service for government organisations. The F2 cloud enables fast and cost effective deployments with a typical implementation period of just a few months from start until all users have gone live, using our agile implementation approach.

cBrain F2 – award winning case management software

The Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy and the Ministry of Transport received the Digitalization Award 2011 for their implementation of a new IT-system, called cBrain F2.

cBrain F2 facilitates the elimination of paper-based work, collaboration and records management and incorporates social media tools (presented as chat, stick-on notes, etc.) in the execution of governmental case management.

This is the first true government 2.0 solution that incorporates all work done within a governmental department entirely eliminating the use of paper to transfer information. Now all personnel groups work digitally, from the youngest employee to the Permanent Secretary.

Paper is no longer used to move and process governmental data and work information as governmental knowledge workers carry out their duties. And all case management processing, knowledge sharing, collaboration as well as archiving and journalizing (records management) are managed within the F2 system.

The Ministries were presented the award by the Danish Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation at a yearly digitalization conference in April 2011 arranged by the national IT and Telecom Agency under the Ministry.

Permanent Secretary Thomas Egebo, Ministry of Climate and Energy:
“I expect that I personally have saved more than half an hour every day as a result of implementing the F2 solution. And 2.5 hours extra Permanent-Secretary-time a week… is a lot!”

Permanent Secretary Jacob Heinsen Ministry of Transport:
“cBrain F2 is a solution that has helped us improve our productivity significantly and it has moved our organization into the 21st century.”

F2 AwardRead the full research paper here



Creating value by iPad-enabling processes in top management

Mobility is a major force in changing the way organizations are using technology.

This research note is based on interviews with key employees in three Danish ministries:

  • The Danish Ministry of Climate Energy and Building
  • The Danish Ministry of Social Affairs, Children and Integration
  • The Danish Ministry of Environment.

The research note describes how cBrain F2 Manager and cBrain F2 Minister iPad-enables cBrain F2 Case Management Software and change the way top management work in Danish government.

Optimizing through mobility

Mobility is by far the strongest technology driver right now. Comparing findings from various research organizations leaves the lasting impression, that access to data and ability to do real work with data whenever and wherever needed are becoming top priorities in many organizations. Mobility optimizes processes and ultimately frees up time for the mobilized workforce to core activities or new ones.

Since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010 mobility has been driven by user demand as well as strategic wishes for process optimization. According to media coverage of Gartner analysis 80 percent of iPad owners at heavy users, meaning that there are using their tablets at least ten times a day.  And the iPad is increasingly becoming the choice of organizations when mobilizing the business processes is seriously on the agenda because of its intuitive use, simple interface for apps and high security.

These are all elements in cBrain’s F2 mobility strategy. F2 Manager enables users of cBrain F2 Case Management Software to make cases and documents available in the F2 Manager app on the iPad. Managers are then able to work with cases both formal and informal whenever wherever. F2 Minister is designed for the workflow of a government minister.

Businessman using digital tablet computer with modern mobileRead the full research note here

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