Creating value by iPad-enabling processes in top management

Mobility is a major force in changing the way organizations are using technology.

This research note is based on interviews with key employees in three Danish ministries:

  • The Danish Ministry of Climate Energy and Building
  • The Danish Ministry of Social Affairs, Children and Integration
  • The Danish Ministry of Environment.

The research note describes how cBrain F2 Manager and cBrain F2 Minister iPad-enables cBrain F2 Case Management Software and change the way top management work in Danish government.

Optimizing through mobility

Mobility is by far the strongest technology driver right now. Comparing findings from various research organizations leaves the lasting impression, that access to data and ability to do real work with data whenever and wherever needed are becoming top priorities in many organizations. Mobility optimizes processes and ultimately frees up time for the mobilized workforce to core activities or new ones.

Since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010 mobility has been driven by user demand as well as strategic wishes for process optimization. According to media coverage of Gartner analysis 80 percent of iPad owners at heavy users, meaning that there are using their tablets at least ten times a day.  And the iPad is increasingly becoming the choice of organizations when mobilizing the business processes is seriously on the agenda because of its intuitive use, simple interface for apps and high security.

These are all elements in cBrain’s F2 mobility strategy. F2 Manager enables users of cBrain F2 Case Management Software to make cases and documents available in the F2 Manager app on the iPad. Managers are then able to work with cases both formal and informal whenever wherever. F2 Minister is designed for the workflow of a government minister.

Businessman using digital tablet computer with modern mobileRead the full research note here