cBrain F2 – award winning case management software

The Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy and the Ministry of Transport received the Digitalization Award 2011 for their implementation of a new IT-system, called cBrain F2.

cBrain F2 facilitates the elimination of paper-based work, collaboration and records management and incorporates social media tools (presented as chat, stick-on notes, etc.) in the execution of governmental case management.

This is the first true government 2.0 solution that incorporates all work done within a governmental department entirely eliminating the use of paper to transfer information. Now all personnel groups work digitally, from the youngest employee to the Permanent Secretary.

Paper is no longer used to move and process governmental data and work information as governmental knowledge workers carry out their duties. And all case management processing, knowledge sharing, collaboration as well as archiving and journalizing (records management) are managed within the F2 system.

The Ministries were presented the award by the Danish Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation at a yearly digitalization conference in April 2011 arranged by the national IT and Telecom Agency under the Ministry.

Permanent Secretary Thomas Egebo, Ministry of Climate and Energy:
“I expect that I personally have saved more than half an hour every day as a result of implementing the F2 solution. And 2.5 hours extra Permanent-Secretary-time a week… is a lot!”

Permanent Secretary Jacob Heinsen Ministry of Transport:
“cBrain F2 is a solution that has helped us improve our productivity significantly and it has moved our organization into the 21st century.”

F2 AwardRead the full research paper here