About cBrain

cBrain is a software company listed on NASDAQ OMX (CBRAIN.CO). We empower knowledge workers with a digital work environment that provides measurable efficiency gains by executing business and knowledge processes “paperless”.

For knowledge based organizations seeking to increase efficiency, work transparency, quality of work and employee satisfaction, cBrain offers the cBrain F2 software suite – a revolutionary and highly effective tool for digital transformation of knowledge work.

Supported by strong customer references, cBrain F2 provides organizations with a new way of getting work done, reducing email ‘noise’, with a proven implementation approach that supports everybody – including Permanent Secretaries, Ministers or CEOs: no more printing of meeting papers!

The F2 software suite runs in the cloud and supports access from traditional PCs as well as having a dedicated F2 manager app for the iPad and a generic mobile application (F2 touch) available from any smartphone.

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